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Hello, I’m Ismir Mlinaric. 

I finished the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, but my website here has nothing to do with that 🙂

I attended various seminars and courses mainly of IT nature, and I have basic knowledge of multiple programming languages, such as Php, JavaScript, Java,… but my focus recently is on Graphic and Web Design.

Behind me are several projects, such as websites for: a local Travel Agency (which I maintained), a Photographer, Basketball Club, website for renting a Cottage, as well as many other websites. You can look at some of those projects here.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop

You can View Download my CV here

What Clients say

Clients satisfaction is what matter the most, after all...


Answers to frequently asked questions:

Every project starts with an idea, and so does your website. So, if you have an idea of ​​what your website should look like and how to represent your brand, contact me with it, and I will give everything in my power to make it happen … Otherwise, contact me with information about your work and some current and future plans and wishes, and I will further turn it into something concrete, representative and eye-catching. Eventually, if you like a website and would like yours to be like that or similar, send me a link to that, reference, website, and we’ll see what can be done about it.

My next steps, if you decide to do business with me, are to research the market and industry in which you do business, come up with some ideas for a website and logo (if you don’t already have one) suggest a few, and, after choosing, get started.

Once I have created your site, you will receive it on the subdomain of my website. After the insight, write me in the Word document any changes and additions. After that, your website is ready to migrate to your hosting, which you have previously rented from a hosting provider or contracted with me, including the domain of your website. (If you are not familiar with hosting and domain, find out more below)

If we do not agree on further maintenance of your website, I will provide you with access data and thus complete your project.

Hosting is, in layman’s terms, the place of residence of your website. So as you rent an apartment in which you live or a space in which you do business, you also pay it to hosting providers on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the packages they offer. If you do not want to deal with it, but want a website in a package with hosting and domain, I can provide it for you, as part of monthly maintenance.

A domain is, in layman’s terms, the residential address of your website. Namely, like hosting, it is paid annually, and their price varies according to their extensions (.ba (which is at the state level as, say, .de, .uk, etc. – is usually the most expensive option and is ideal for domestic businesses), .com (most present), .net, .org, etc.), as well as their providers. You can “google” more about it. But if you want, like hosting, to entrust it to me, we can do it on a monthly basis.